Challenges and Opportunities in Simulation of Turbulent Reacting Flows

来源:科学技术处 环境科学与工程系发布时间:2018-03-21

【讲座题目】Challenges and Opportunities in Simulation of Turbulent Reacting Flows



【主 讲 人】James C. Sutherland, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Utah.


James C. Sutherland is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah. His research interests include Computational Fluid Dynamics, Algorithm & software design, Multi-physics simulation, Manifold methods for chemical kinetic reduction, Multiscale turbulence-chemistry interactions & subgrid.


Simulation of multiphase turbulent reacting flows is an example of a multiphysics, multiscale problem that presents challenges for modeling and high-performance simulation.  Modeling challenges arise from the multitude of coupled processes occurring over a wide range of length and time scales.  Identifying controlling variables that allow us to take advantage of slowly-evolving manifolds is of key importance from a modeling perspective.  Additional challenges arise when trying to build software that supports many different modeling choices while maintaining scalability and efficiency.  This talk will highlight progress in addressing these challenges in the context of simulating multiphase turbulent reacting flows.

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