Modelling packing structures and structure-property relationships


【讲座题目】Modelling packing structures and structure-property relationships

【讲座时间】2019年4月25日(星期四) 9:30-11:30


【主 讲 人】Xiaodong Jia, University of Leeds


Dr Xiaodong Jia joined Leeds as an academic staff in 1999 but until fairly recently mainly focused on research and knowledge transfer activities. He is a co-founder and CTO of a University spin-out, Structure Vision Ltd (SVL) (, set up in 2003, to provide software and consultancy services on structure modelling and structure-property relationships. The DigiDEM software he created during his secondment to SVL will be used as a starting point to develop the new models in this project. XJ has over 25 years of experience in computer modelling of particulate systems and 20 years in data processing for electrical and X-ray tomography. He has co-authored a research textbook, 70 refereed journal papers, and numerous conference contributions. He has been PIs for two EPSRC projects (EP/D503078/1, GR/N13357/01); several industry (BNFL, Anglo American, BMW, AstraZeneca) sponsored projects; two University sponsored KTP projects; and more than a dozen consultancy type projects. He is a CI for a recently started EPSRC sponsored ?1.75M project (EP/N025261/1). He has supervised/co-supervised 8 PhDs and 3 PDRAs, and is currently supervising/co-supervising 8 PhDs and 1 PDRA.

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